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Wuhan Overview
        Wuhan is located in China's mainland center,in central hubei by east, located at Yangtze river and its largest tributary Han River by wuchang,, hankou, hanyang, Three components, appellative " to three towns of wuhan ", use by Yangtze river bridge, jianghan bridge, become closely linked together. The city is divided into nine city, and comprises wuchang, hanyang, HuangBei, xinzhou four suburban county. Total area 8467.11 square kilometers, including urban area 863.62 square kilometers and a population of 728 million. Wuhan natural unique scenery, the four seasons climate trenchant, have metropolis rare more than 100 lakes and mountains; many Wuhan cultural landscape has rich chu culture features. To wuhan tourism, not only may Admire the spectacular landscape and cultural relics, more but enjoy unique local folk.
        Wuhan is the capital city of hubei province, the province's political, economic, cultural education center. It as the central city, central China since 1949 is one of important industrial base, is in central distributing centre supplies. Today, wuhan has developed into China's central region's largest city and Internal and external trade commercial and industrial and financial, business, science, culture education center. Along with the development of the Yangtze river, wuhan will open the construction set to become modern steel, automobile, trade finance and hi-tech industries as an international city. The famous native products have wuchang fish,hongshan CaiTai, tianxingzhou watermelon, GaoHongTai causeway, turquoise carving and han embroider etc. Product.
        Wuhan in central China's railway transportation hub, with significant traffic and military location, since ancient times as a battleground, known as the "thoroughfare of nine provinces," said. Today, Wuhan has formed an easily accessible water, land and air transportation network. Wuhan South Lake Airport railway station 8.5 km from Hanyang, 13.5 kilometers from the Hankou Railway Station, daily flights to major cities. Wuhan in the middle of Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Han Dan, Jiao Liu, Xiang Yu, Wu Da railway in this intersection every day high-speed train travel between major cities. Wuhan, Hubei Province highway and waterway transportation hub, water, land line connected to each other, staggered, the traffic is very convenient. City, bus, tram frequent services, more than 70 routes between the city and suburbs of the tourist sites, also has a 5-line night bus lines. Many of the city taxi fleet, mainly in the railway station, bus station and major hotels before, Hankou, Wuchang railway station taxi full-day service, and convenient transportation. Wuhan has a long history, is one of China's historical and cultural city. The construction history from wuchang han GaoDi six years after JiangXiaJun, set in the three countries of wu builded XiaKouCheng, set WuChangJun the name. Located in the Yangtze river because of hankou hanjiang river into place named, names of beginning in the northern and southern dynasties, has called for commercial economic center, Qing dynasty, commercial jisheng, with henan zhuxianzhen, jiangxi jingdezhen, guangdong foshan town and listed as one of the China's four big town. In 1858, because "the Sino-British Treaty of Tianjin," Wuhan is open to inland ports, countries have set up the concession. In 1927, the Nationalist government moved the capital from Guangzhou to Wuhan. In 1938, Wuhan has become the Anti-Japanese War of Capital. After the founding of the PRC, Wuhan City, the central municipality, to provincial cities in 1954, is one of six major cities in China.