About Us

Stage Stimulation--I. Testyle insists that nothing is more important than the future of the company, and the performance of the personal prospect. Our employees work diligently, continuing to create incentive prospects and reality. Actually, everybody tries their best is a wonderful state which will bring out a bright future.

Additionally--II. Testyle believes that keeping the competitiveness of our products and services is the best way to give work supports to our employees. This will make them feel that their job is meaningful. Testyle is making every possible effort to adopt world-class technology platform, giving employees forefront technology and satisfaction sense.

Testyle Management
  • I. Management is to make the team full of passion, and give every member courage and spirit.
  • II. Management is to promote competence, promoting the team capacity through talents recruitment, training and self-improvement.
  • III. Management is to maintain order, and keep the overall competence of the team, as well as the quality of product, service, and management under control.