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Eat in Wuhan
Three fresh bean skin
Three fresh bean skin is wuhan people "Guozao" another major food, also be a kind of wuhan folk traditional snacks. Bean leather filling exquisite, pan-fried fine, the production process requirements "thin skin, Beans pulp clear, Pure fire", a Fried bean skin glossy ablaze, the color yellow flavor fragrant crisp outside in the soft, oil but not greasy. Three fresh bean skin is filling in fresh meat, eggs, shrimp paihuli. Among them with Laotong city of three fresh bean skin most famous.
Steamed wuchang fish
Wuchang fish say again Bream, is well-known, the aquatic product, abounds in in wuhan and EZhouShi co-management of LiangZiHu, feudal time is tributes, now is table flavor. Cooking methods varied, is very exquisite, one of the most famous is steamed wuchang fish. Chairman MAO's his old man current food after once wrote "cai yin changsha shui,you shi Wuchang yu" historic message.
Cai-lin-ji hot-and-dry noodles
In wuhan, greatly small restaurants and street YinShiTan have hot-and-dry noodles, but hankou cai-lin-ji restaurant hot-and-dry noodles smooth oil moisten and refreshing, delicious and unique, highly popular favor. Early seller surname CAI, take shop named "cai-lin-ji restaurant". In eat hot-and-dry noodles, you can select a bowl of wuhan people often eat beard wine, it is actually JiuNiang egg drop soup, sweet and delicious, deserve to eat best taste hot-and-dry noodles.
Jing Wu Road duck neck
Wuhan famous martial art duck neck, originating in wuhan famous martial art road, it is will unfrozen sirloin high-quality duck neck soak, multiple abluent, remove impurities, put old old LuLiao water use fire boil, then turn to low heat and continue stewing , according to process successively, different control temperature, respectively on different lovage rhizome. Eat a root, although spicy sweaty, and with an endless aftertaste, has become the wuhan men go visiting relative gift to taste.