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Introduction of Wuhan East Lake
Wuhan East Lake——China's largest city lake
  Wuhan ecological scenic area is located in the "nine provices" wuhan east, with a total area of 82 square kilometers, which the waters of an area of 33 square kilometers, is China's largest city lake. East Lake in 1982, the State Council as the first batch of national key scenic spots, in 2000 by the National Tourism Bureau is the first AAAA-class tourist scenic spot, in 2002 passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, annually attracts a large number of foreign tourists.
The yellow crane tower introduction
Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower ——The world jiangshan first floor
  Towering Snake Hill in Wuchang, the Yellow Crane Tower, enjoy the "world must King" reputation, and Yueyang in Hunan, Jiangxi Poetic known as the "three famous South Building." Yellow Crane Tower was built in three years during the Wuhuang Wu (AD 223), the legend is built for military purposes, Sun Quan for the realization of the "Wu Zhiguo and Chang" ("Wuchang" the origin of this name), fortification for defense, building for Observed. To the Tang Dynasty, and its military nature evolved into the famous scenic spots, ancient literati this tour, leaving a lot of well-known poems.
Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge introduction
Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge——Miles Yangtze river first bridge
  In Wuhan City, across the Snake Hill in Wuchang and Hanyang between Guishan. On the Yangtze River in China built the first railway, highway bridge. September 1st, 1955 built, 13 October 1957 all opened to traffic. Full-bridge length of 1670 meters, in which the bridge is 1,156 meters, 303 meters north bridge approach, 211 meters south bridge approach. The road from the base catholic and 80 meters high, the lower the railway bridge, 14.5 meters wide, two trains at the same time off. The upper bridge, 20.25 m wide, four cars can drive side by side. As a triple bridge continuous bridge, three holes on each page, a total of eight piers abalone. Span of 128 meters per hole, year-round ship sailing clear. Ends with a national architectural style of the bridgehead, the height of 35 meters from the ground floor to the top pavilion, a total of 7 floors, with electric lifts for pedestrians up and down.